Hi Nafise,

   Batik (xml.apache.org/batik) should be able to render your
Arabic properly. The catch is you would have to convert your content
to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) which shouldn't be a big deal
for a single page but would be problematic for a multi-page document.

   I've never looked at the PDF output from Batik for Arabic.
There is a good chance that it will 'fallback' into the
'simple' code path which might not render properly.  If so
you should be able to force it into the 'complex' text code
path which will render it properly, but will lose the fact that
it is text (it will be outlines).

   So there may be a solution but it probably isn't as nice
has having a FOP that understands BIDI.

nafise hassani wrote:

  Anybody knows how to Create PDF with Arabic words?

Seems FOP-0.20.5 cannot handle Arabic glyphs/ligature properly. It can only display the Arabic characters but the rules to ligate them together cannot be displayed.

Any other software or tool that we can use for this kind of task?

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