A few people seem to be having problems opening FOP generated PDFs with the
new Adobe Reader 7. They basically get an error message "There were too many
arguments" and after closing the error box, the document is displayed

To date I have not seen an answer to this and therefore posted the problem
again to the Adobe support forum. And I received a reply that basically
states there is an error in the PDF - the whole anser is here:


Just "Login as Guest" to read the thread.

The author of the answer also points here as to the cause:


workarounds for buggy PDF generators 
FOP 0.20.3 inserts the Tc PDF operator in the middle of the TJ

Can someone from the FOP team give me a heads-up on this - and is there a
fix? And I apologize if this has already been discussed somewhere - just
point me there.


Matthew Langham

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