On 20.01.2005 19:37:06 Glen Mazza wrote:
> --- Jeremias Maerki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >
> > Team,
> > 
> > I'm going to implement background images as one of
> > my next steps. 
> Good.
> > I
> > found that even in 1.1 WD there's no way to scale
> > the background image.
> Jeremias, please do another scan first of the 1.1
> document--thankfully it's all in one HTML file--search
> for both "scale" and "scaling" throughout to (1) make
> sure that is the case (there appear to be some new
> properties and even formatting objects related to
> scaling), and (2) to see if there is any scaling logic
> that you're contemplating that may be applicable in
> other areas as well.

Thanks for the tip. The scan turned up empty. All scaling enhancements
seem to apply to external-graphic only.

> Next, you may wish to check the AntennaHouse and
> RenderX extension element/attribute list.  There may
> be something you can learn there about background
> scaling, also when you send emails to the xsl-editors
> list saying "[insert commercial company here] already
> does this", etc., it will carry more weight.

I've seen the RenderX extensions. It's really surprising that RenderX
didn't manage to bring that in, yet.

> > Should we skip that or should we define our own
> > properties? 
> I don't care either way.  Although I don't understand
> why the specification doesn't already handle
> background image scaling.  Something is rotten in the
> State of Denmark here--this would seem to be a common
> need.
> > Maybe Glen
> > wants to talk to the WG about that.
> > 
> Would be delighted.  But imaging issues are beyond my
> scope, and it's about time the WG learn more about you
> as well.  Please do so, also mention that you're from
> FOP as well please.  (Not that you need my
> permission.)
> (This is gonna be great--with both of us sending
> comments to the W3C, we can use a good-cop/bad-cop
> technique to persuade them.  Guess which role I want
> to play? ;)

LOL! I'll try to write something, but I guess I have some other
priorities first. I'll probably also skip these scaling things for now.
This can be added later. My enhancement to parse the bitmap resolution
might also help a bit in the meantime.

Jeremias Maerki

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