NOTE: This message does not reflect a decision of the FOP Development Team. Rather it is my own thoughts on the subject. If there are any mistakes or inaccuracies in my thinking or reasoning, I hope the FOP Team will let us know. My goal is to give Ilya and other an answer on this important subject.

The FOP Development Team is actively & diligently working to achieve a 1.0 release of Apache FOP. As with many open source projects with limited resources (i.e., a small number of active volunteer developers[1]), release schedules suffer. It has been 18+ months since the most recent release of 'maintenance' branch of FOP (fop-0.20.5). As you are probably aware, there were problems with meeting the requirements of the XSL-FO 1.0 Spec via the 'maintenance' branch, so it was frozen. The hope was that a re-design could be released relatively quickly, which would enable the FOP Team to meet the needs of the XSL-FO Spec. This hasn't happened yet, but we haven't stopped working towards that goal.

Although there are Status[2], Change[3], ToDo[4], News[5] and other pages, a TIMELINE unfortunately is not presently on the site. Possible release dates and timelines for FOP 1.0 have been unofficially bandied about on the mailing lists. The most 'relevant' date I've seen is "summer of 2005". This is not any sort of a 'promise' of a release date. It's just what I've seen in the mailing lists. In the not-too-distant future, I suspect the FOP Development Team will discuss a timeline schedule for release. Perhaps we may even add info on the FOP 'home' page or add a new page to the site, to communicate better with the FOP community.

I apologize I/we cannot provide more specific information.

Web Maestro Clay

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On Jan 27, 2005, at 6:35 AM, Ilya Khandamirov wrote:
Dear FOP Developers,

I'm re-posting this mail from the user list, because there was no clear
answer there.

The main questions are:
- what are the plans concerning the future FOP releases? Is there a defined
- what are the plans concerning the spec conformance?

Your answers are greately appreciated. It would help me to decide, if i
should go FOP.


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