I don't see the need for the bBogus variable/isBogus()
method, because in the three or four places where the
value of this variable is actually *being used*, it is
just set to :

bBogus = !bp1.generatesAreas(); 

So it appears you can just rely on
"!bp1.generatesAreas()" in these places
instead--perhaps just commenting the conditional that
bogus areas are being ignored--and we can worry about
getting rid of the actual bogus areas later (when
overall team grokkage in this part of the code


--- Jeremias Maerki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I've got a possible fix for the problem. But I don't
> know if it's not
> too much of a hack. At least it somehow feels like a
> hack. Any comments
> about the attached patch? Obviously, some javadocs
> are missing and the
> naming could probably be improved but this is just
> an idea how this
> could be fixed.
> IMO it would be nicer if these "bogus" areas as I
> call them wouldn't be
> constructed at all. I experimented with such an
> approach but the code
> got far too complicated with too much
> copy/paste/modify. And I also
> didn't manage to make it work. On the other side
> these special areas
> are not a big problem since there are relatively few
> of them.
> Still interested in opinions and ideas.... Thanks!

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