I just took care of it--you may need to refresh PSLM
in the marker patch though as I did some minor changes
in that class as well.

BTW, I'd like to remove "String
getCurrentPageNumber();" from the LayoutManager
interface and replace it with "PageSequence
getCurrentPageSequence()".  The latter offers a
superset of the former's functionality, and also
allows us to move the page number string formatting
from PSLM (see the first few lines of
PSLM.activateLayout() for example) to
PageNumberLayoutManager.  Any objections?


--- Jeremias Maerki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Glen,
> no, that's ok. Thanks for the review. I've removed
> my change locally and
> will commit either tomorrow or on Monday. I can't
> commit right now
> because it overlaps with my changes for the marker
> problem where I still
> hope for another comment.

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