Ouch! The PageSequenceLayoutManager has a big problem. It sets the
reference IPD for the flow once at the beginning and then no more.
Subsequent pages get their (correct) page master only during addArea
stage through getParentArea(). But the flow reference area has to be set
prior to doing any getNextBreakPoss() on a new page. So it's not
resetPosition() methods that don't behave as I claimed in my earlier CVS
message (although I found a few strange things with resetPosition() while
looking at table headers/footers).

On 10.02.2005 13:52:35 jeremias wrote:
> jeremias    2005/02/10 04:52:35
>   Modified:    test/layoutengine/testcases normal-breaking4.xml
>   Log:
>   Adding an additional block at the end to see if a new block would behave 
> differently.

Jeremias Maerki

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