On Feb 11, 2005, at 12:30 PM, Glen Mazza wrote:

I have a favor to ask--when you have the chance, would
you please republish the FOP team page with my recent
changes?  Much appreciated!

I've updated the FOP Team page (HTML & PDF).

FYI (and FMI), the quick and dirty way to generate a new page (without waiting for the whole site to generate) is to run this command:

forrest -Dproject.start-uri=team.pdf

and then this one:

forrest -Dproject.start-uri=team.html

Do the PDF first--since there's no links in it, forrest stops after generating the PDF. Then do team.html, which starts the normal process. Because there was no change in the navigation structure (no files added or removed), you can just stop it (Ctrl-C).

One of these days I'll update the Doc Mgmt page[1] to include this information. Of course we need to set up the CVS system for this to work 'correctly', which will happen in due time.


[1] FOP Doc Management Page

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