I've documented a few thoughts about the collapsing border model in the
Wiki in preparation for the implementation. There are a few important
decisions that have to be made prior to implementing it, so I'd be glad
for any feedback. 

I'm currently inclined to pursue strategy 1 as it is probably easier to
implement. Fortunately, the painting is a different aspect than the
resolution itself so each can be looked at separately. For strategy 1 I
probably have to add only a single additional flag trait to handle the
border painting for the collapsing model. The flag only indicates which
model is used so the painting code knows how to interpret the border

On 15.02.2005 17:41:27 fop-cvs wrote:
>    Wiki: XML Graphics - FOP Wiki
>    Page: CollapsingBorderModel
>    URL: http://wiki.apache.org/xmlgraphics-fop/CollapsingBorderModel

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