On 22.02.2005 12:43:56 Renaud Richardet wrote:
> Mark, just let me know when you'll start to work on it.
> Clay, sorry for not making clear that i needed the maintenance code
> for reference.
> Jeremias, thanks for the pointer
> i'm not sure about the following. please correct me if i'm wrong:
> the (currently named) AWTRenderer allows 3 different kinds of output
> 1) GUI-application 

or only a single window or just a part of a window.

> 2) a java Image (containing all areas represented as Graphics2D's)

Not sure what you mean. Oleg Tkachenko wrote an extension of the AWT
Renderer that paints the area tree to a single bitmap (per page) through
the Graphics2D interface. This is something I like to see integrated
directly into the render.java2d interface.

> 3) a printed document through AWTPrintRenderer, or is it 

Right. That's where the Printable interface comes into play.

> the commandline options to start the differents output are

Don't make a 1:1 association between the capabilities of the command
line and all the possible use cases of the Java2D renderer.

> 1) -awt

That displays the example preview window in the render.awt.viewer

> 2) ????

With the bitmap output support added, this will be -jpg and -tiff and
-png etc.

> 3) -print

That kicks the AWTPrintRenderer.

> i started to investigate the rendering system. the AbstractRenderer is
> well designed and already implementing a lot of stuff, so that should
> go allright for the AWTRenderer.

Yes, try to use as much as possible from the AbstractRenderer to avoid
duplicate code. If you see possibilities for consolidating functionality
between the PDF and Java2D renderer, then please tell us.

If I don't get any objections by tomorrow morning (CET) I'm going to
rename the AWTRenderer to Java2DRenderer so you can work on the real

Another thing: If you plan to regularly start to contribute to FOP or
simply to be on the safe side because you're not just going to
contribute a small bugfix only, it might be good if you sent a signed
ICLA (Individual Contributor License Agreement) to the secretary of the
ASF. See here for a text and PDF version of the ICLA:

That's not the same as commit rights or committership, but we might get
to that in time. :-)

Jeremias Maerki

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