FWIW, I just completed extracting an interface for axslGraphic, have made
FOrayGraphic conformant to it, and have made the other FOray modules use
axslGraphic instead of FOrayGraphic. (The one exception to this is the Foray
Application itself, which creates a FOrayGraphicServer if no other
GraphicServer implementation is passed to it -- this is similar to the way
the interface for Fonts works).

Graphics are much less pervasive than Fonts, so the benefits are not as
dramatic. Nevertheless, flexibility will be gained by writing client
applications to axslGraphic instead of FOrayGraphic.

The next logical module to axsl-ise is FOTree. I don't see an immediate need
for it. It may become useful in the future for comparing the performance
profiles of the various approaches. However, the cost of building it will be
substantial, and it may not ever be worth it. So I'll probably leave it on
the back burner until someone sees a need for it.

Victor Mote

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