Hi Jeremias:

First, I did go ahead and create subinterfaces EPSGraphic and SVGGraphic to
handle the peculiar needs of those formats. I agree that will be better. I
think that was the only outstanding issue on the Graphics side. However, my
current understanding is that FOP is not considering using the FOrayGraphic
package anyway.

On the Font side, we still have the logging issue. I don't have enough to go
on right now to even know how to proceed, but I'll respect your desire not
to discuss it here. If it becomes more important in the future, I guess you
can always submit aXSL and Foray patches. I did briefly consider having
FontServer send the logging message and level to FontConsumer, instead of
having FontConsumer send the logger to FontServer, but since you guys are
still on Java 1.3, I couldn't do that without introducing YALLM (yet another
logging level mechanism), and I decided to scrap that idea. BTW, I can't
remember whether there are Java 1.3/Java 1.4 issues in the FOrayFont code,
but that is another potential problem area.

Victor Mote

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