On 13.03.2005 23:30:05 Glen Mazza wrote:
> --- Jeremias Maerki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Go to Windows/Preferences, then Java/Editor, tab
> > "Typing", the activate
> > "Insert spaces for tabs". 
> > 
> Done.
> > Also, get the Eclipse plug-in for Checkstyle:
> > http://eclipse-cs.sourceforge.net/
> > 
> Done, but...
> > Helps you keep in line with code conventions. For
> > example, it shows you
> > any occurence of a tab character in the code base.
> > That's how I find
> > these so fast.
> > 
> 1.) Are you defining these rules manually within
> Eclipse?  I can do that, also I can get the default
> "Sun Checks" working within the IDE, but when I
> attempt to import our checkstyle3.1.1-head file it is
> failing (needs a DTD for validation).

I've just upgraded from 3.4.1 to 3.5 and did an import of
checkstyle3.1.1-head which worked fine. You've probably pressed "Import
Checkstyle Config" instead of "Import Plugin Config".

> 2.) More generally, all three checkstyle files
> ("checkstyle.cfg", "checkstyle.header", and
> "checkstyle3.1.1-head") we have in the FOP HEAD root
> directory don't seem to work with the new checkstyle
> 3.5 download.  

I've updated FOP for use with Checkstyle 3.5 now.

> One of them is a .properties file (not
> an XML file that checkstyle wants),

We can remove that now. It was for Checkstyle 2.x.

> the other lacks a
> DTD and hence fails on validation (although the DTD
> for 3.5 appears radically different than the 3.1.1
> XML), 

But the Eclipse plug-in can import it. That's how I converted it to the
new syntax. You can still generate the old syntax using the Eclipse

> and the third appears to be nothing but a copy
> of the Apache license.

That's the template for the mandatory Java header. It's a regexp file
which I just updated to reflect reality. When importing the checkstyle
config into the Eclipse plugin you will need to edit the imported
configuration manually to specify the full absolute path to the header
file. Otherwise the plugin won't find it.

> Is anyone still using these? 


> Else, I'll drop them, put them in the attic for
> someone to recreate with the new 3.5 DTD whenever
> desired.  Unless I'm misunderstanding things here, I
> wouldn't want anyone else to be confused that these
> three files have any relevance to modern versions of
> Checkstyle.

I'll remove the obsolete files in a minute.

Jeremias Maerki

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