may I request that you hold any further refactoring on non-inline layout
managers until the new page breaking mechanism is in place? All previous
changes in PSLM were automatically handled by CVS but the last was the
first that created a conflict. The work on page breaking will surely
have a bigger impact on PSLM so I also want to avoid that you're doing
work now that will be for nothing due to changes made necessary due to the
page breaking rewrite.

Luca implemented a Knuth-style page breaking mechanism last year. He
gave me that code and I'm currently merging this code with CVS HEAD
while I also add the same functionality for other LMs than
BlockLayoutManager. I will present a plan for a branch later this week
where I want to put the new page breaking code. If you guys could hold
off doing changes in the non-inline LMs for the next few weeks (4-8) it
would make my life a lot easier when I'm ready to merge the branch back
into HEAD. With that branch you guys can still continue work on the rest
of FOP without the new page breaking making trouble.

Jeremias Maerki

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