Glen Mazza wrote:

--- Jeremias Maerki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:


may I request that you hold any further refactoring
on non-inline layout
managers until the new page breaking mechanism is in
place? All previous
changes in PSLM were automatically handled by CVS
but the last was the
first that created a conflict.


I'm reluctant to get involved here, but I know Jeremias' work is important for the future of FOP. If he is successful then we will be heading for a release from HEAD. If he fails, the FOP project may die ....


Please veto specific changes with which you are in
disagreement, with valid reasons why. (Note: "Because I had to spend five minutes updating my
branch" is *not* a valid reason. That is very
arrogant and lazy.) Or, if the change is one in which
you are not in disagreement with, and you wish to keep
synchronizing, then update the code on your side while
you work.

Jeremias is implementing a very complex algorithm that affects the LMs. The PSLM which you have been tiding up is going to look very different to the version Jeremias will create locally. So how can Jeremias be expected to analyse each change you make and see if there is an eqivalent change in the new code, when the new code is very different. It is likely that for most changes you make there will not be an equivalent change. So it is not a case of Jeremias being "lazy"

Since only one of ten commits had a conflict, I disagree with you that that warrants shutting down all my work. I'm certainly not putting that constraint on you or any other team member.

I dont think Jeremias is asking you to shut down your work, just politely requesting that you work on other areas beside LMs for a few weeks only.

The work on page
breaking will surely
have a bigger impact on PSLM so I also want to avoid
that you're doing
work now that will be for nothing due to changes
made necessary due to the
page breaking rewrite.

Don't worry about that.  We all work with the
understanding that our code can be replaced in whole
or in part at any time.

If you choose to carry on changing the LMs during the next few weeks then I suspect that you will simply vote -1 when Jeremias has finished developing the new page breaking algorithm and wants to merge his code back to HEAD.


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