On 18.03.2005 10:50:10 Luca Furini wrote:
> Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> >I'd like to tag CVS HEAD tomorrow and then branch it and commit my local
> >working copy to that branch. From there I'll continue to work on static
> >regions, lists and finally tables (actually resurrecting that
> >functionality).
> In the last two weeks I worked on lists, and they now work. If you agree,
> I could commit these changes to the new branch next week or (at the
> latest) the following one, removing an item from your to-do list :-)

Cool, I hope you don't have to change too much after my modifications to
your code.

> >Luca will also
> >need to help a bit with his custom extensions of the spec for better
> >book-style layout. I've taken these parts over but haven't tested them,
> >yet, as they are not very high on my priorities.
> I'll be happy to explain and discuss these extensions with you all; I
> think they really come in useful in the creation of book-style documents.

I'd appreciate if you would create a short Wiki page for that.

> >An important issue I currently see is markers and page-number(-citation).
> >They will need some special attention with the new approach. I've left
> >them off so far.
> Page number citations still work (and I don't remember modifying
> anything), at least in some cases: for example, I created a file with
> several page-sequences representing chapters, each one with many sections
> and subsections, and another page-sequence for the table of contents, and
> page-number-citations worked.

Hmm, I'm not sure about page-number-citations but with page-numbers I
got the impression that we need to change the time when they are looked
up because I always got the first page back. The page is resolved when
the Knuth element is created which is too soon. But maybe I also broke
something when I merged your code with CVS HEAD.

BTW, I'm currently working on resurrecting static-content regions.

Jeremias Maerki

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