--- Jeremias Maerki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Please do the changes you
> propose, probably I
> will understand then. 

Done.  It was just a method renaming--this method was
really about laying out the side regions, not
necessarily static content, because fo:flow's areas
can be placed into a SideRegion instead (e.g., if the
fo:flow is given a flow-name of "xsl-region-before".) 

> Are there any layoutengine
> tests that you could
> write to illustrate this?

No we don't support this functionality yet, but once
we  do, we will be in better conformance with the 1.0
spec and in much better shape for the upcoming XSL 1.1
fo:flow-map.  I don't see it as much affecting the
work right now--there isn't much coding difference
between the regions (all have ipd, bpd, etc. to
populate content), outside of the fact that
fo:region-body can also have columns.


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