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> > WRT the updates on the FOP-site: I have been busy updating our
> > own 'src/xdocs/hyphenation.xml' to reflect the new situation
> > (commit is probably for tomorrow, along with: updated
> > 'build.xml', updated startup scripts, removal of the patterns
> > currently still in the repository)
> >

(Blast! Seems I inadvertently blew one of my covers... :-) )

I've currently prepared everything for changes to the maintenance branch as
well as the trunk. Changes to build.xml and startup scripts have just been
committed to the maintenance branch. Do the xdocs have to be updated in this
branch as well (the hyphenation.xml is rather minimal in comparison to the
trunk version)?
Is it OK to commit the changes to the trunk right away, or is it safer to
wait until the KPB branch is merged back in? --don't see any immediate
possible conflicts, but just thought I'd ask...

Simon: if you need the JAR with the compiled patterns, I can send them to
you if you'd like (or you can field-test my changes by updating your sandbox
for the maintenance branch and running ant with the 'hyphenation-jar' build
target, should be a piece of cake).



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