Jeremias Maerki wrote:

Thanks. But well, I've just realized that I neglected a certain aspect
of table layout in my preparations which turns out not to be so simple.
Some might have seen my notes on the Wiki about breaking cells [1]. This
was done while I was still thinking in terms of the old approach. Now
with the Knuth element lists the problem presents itself in a different
look. We've got to build a combined Knuth element list for a table row
from element lists of the individual cells. Turns out to be relatively
straight-forward if you only deal with fixed width boxes and normal
penalties. As soon as stretch/shrink flows into the equation things look
like they can get real messy. I'm currently preparing two different
approaches for discussion (will appear on [1]). I wonder how Luca
handled lists which is a similar problem.

Please excuse my ignorance, but why do you need to take cells that shrink/stretch into the equation? Are you trying to allow for auto table layout?? IMHO for a first release auto table layout is a bridge too far.


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