Jeremias Maerki wrote:

Oh ... I see. Well thanks for looking into the MARC problem. Doesnt anyone @infrastructure have a contact there we can speak to directly?

Its a tad inconvenient not being able to view previous posts on fop-dev ATM.


I've already sent a request to MARC but so far no response, nor action.
Eyebrowse is being put to the grave as far as I know. mod_mbox will take
its place. They are currently creating a system that should map old
Eyebrowse links to the mod_mbox system.

BTW, infrastructure is still not finished with the whole machine
migration and reorganization.

On 30.03.2005 12:08:55 Chris Bowditch wrote:

I just noticed that the Archives held at MARC only contain posts up until 12th March when the mailing lists were moved to xmlgraphics. What do we need to do to ensure all future posts are saved in the Archives?

The links on the website to eyebrowse also appear to be broken.


Jeremias Maerki

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