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> It was no distraction. We'll have to look at this as soon as we decided
> on how to attack tables. Your ideas come in shortly after that. I'm not
> discarding what you bring in. It's only about priorities.

Just so we don't create any misunderstanding: that was exactly how I
interpreted it.

The background of my ravings is probably more inspired by the 'known
problems' (i.e. memory issues) with tables in FOP 0.20.5. The key difficulty
being that 'a block is a block' where 'a table is always at _least_ a table,
a column, a body, a row and a cell'.

Anyway, it helps a great deal to try and explain this to someone other than
myself. It certainly gave me a clearer view on what exactly I was trying to
achieve. I guess many of you know the feeling... :-)

Thanks for listening/reading/commenting!



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