The basic framework stands and so far seems to do its work. Now I can
get on to adding features again (display-align, borders, keeps, breaks

At first sight, the whole thing probably looks like a big mess. I didn't
want to remove the old code just yet, because there may be several
passages that I can look at for hints. I'll remove it as soon as
possible. For those interested, the most interesting places to look at
will be:
- TableLayoutManager
- TableContentLayoutManager
- TableRowIterator
- Cell
- ColumnSetup
- (Primary)GridUnit

On 05.04.2005 17:42:45 jeremias wrote:
> jeremias    2005/04/05 08:42:45
>   Log:
>   Basic framework for table layout with Knuth elements as documented
>   on the Wiki. The old code is mostly still there for reference.

Jeremias Maerki

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