Thanks! That's very good and already makes things clearer for me!

On 08.04.2005 19:11:28 Luca Furini wrote:
> > BTW, would you do me a favor and add a more verbose explanation of
> > LayoutManager.getChangedKnuthElements(). That is one method I still
> > don't fully understand. What does "changed" mean in this context? Is
> > "getChangedKnuthElements()" really the best method name for it?
> Yes, it is used in order to "vertically justify" blocks (which could
> involve change the number of lines created for some paragraphs); I'm going
> to create a wiki page to explain the meaning of these extensions and how
> they work, as you suggested some days ago.
> In a few words, the elements returned by getNextKnuthElements don't
> contain LineBreakPositions, as the exact quantity of lines is not yet
> decided; after the first page breaking is performed and the number of
> lines is decided, getChangedKnuthElements is called in order to receive
> elements containing the LineBreakPositions which will be used in the
> addAreas() phase.
> I agree with you that maybe it is not the best name for it ...
> I hope I'll succeed in being more clear in the wiki page, anyway don't
> hesitate to ask for more information.
> Regards
>     Luca

Jeremias Maerki

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