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> Andreas L. Delmelle wrote:
> > IIC, what is meant is:
> > the space-* of the contained blocks should be seen as _content_
> > of the list-item, such that they are not ignored, but their
> > values are _included_ in the total BPD without influencing
> > the spacing between previous and following list-items.
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> So, it seems that instead of a complication this is a simplification:
> spaces between list items are added regardless of existing spaces due to
> their block content, right?

That is indeed how I would interpret it. They should always be calculated
separately, then added.
In yet other words: the offset due to the space-before on the first (or
space-after on the last) block area in the list-item is measured from the
edge of the content rectangle of that list-item, not the previous or
following one (To avoid possible headaches when resolving precedence and
conditionality rules?)



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