--- Chris Bowditch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Our software allows users to preview what their
> document looks like before it 
> goes into production. I would imagine most
> stylesheet designers would preview 
> their work before releasing it to a production
> environment. If the user is 
> just presented with an error message, with no output
> then the user will have 
> to trawl through various places to work out what
> theyve done wrong. If they 
> have the output and an error, it is easier for the
> user to locate the problem.

Absolutely!  For WYSIWYG editors where FOP is
embedded, FOP *must* have the ability to let users
just create empty fo:table-bodies with populated
fo:table-header and fo:table-footer, so they can see
what the output of the headers/footers look like
without worrying about table-body rows.  (Hopefully we
can relax the validation in a few other places where
that would also be helpful--keep in mind though, it
has to be coded for further downstream.)

But it is a safe assumption that the programmer of a 
WYSIWYG editor embedding FOP will already be well
aware of our sSV() method (or they will be upon their
first complaint to the FOP user ML ;), *they* will set
it to "false" when loading FOP, and also, within the
GUI editor, provide an ability for the user to toggle
this value to test final runs, etc.  I.e., WYSIWYG
editor writers are already going to be well in control
of this method anyway--that's why my inclination right
now is to strictly validate by default for the
not-so-cognizant invoice developers.


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