Sorry i thought it was also for people embedding fop too.

By the way, list of jar in lib is not really explicit. There is a batik.jar 
but the batik maven distribution is splitted in a lot of jars :) 

(batik-awt, batik-bridge, batik-css, batik-gvt, and so on)

I post this on -user too. to be in good mailing list

Le Mardi 26 Avril 2005 14:51, Chris Bowditch a écrit :
> delbd wrote:
> > So my question is,
> > is there a list of the dependencies in the form 'name of library,
> > version' so i don't put too much libraries inside my application and i
> > don't miss important ones?
> If you download the FOP binary distribution, you will see all the required
> JAR files in the lib sub folder. The FOP.bat used to run FOP from command
> line also lists the JAR files required.
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> BTW, this sort of question is best asked on the fop-user list. fop-dev is
> for programming issues inside FOP.
> Chris

David Delbecq
Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium

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