My latest example is now fully explored and seems to work. It took me
almost all day, but at least I got some valuable insight for the
extended algorithm I need to write as the next step. I hope we now have
everything together and I don't get any surprises.

The nasty problem now is that I have to write/research the FOP session
for ApacheCon EU until Sunday which kills much of the drive I won back
today by running this example. Last Friday the message was sent that the
session papers are due 2005-05-01 and I only saw that message yesterday.
Kills my whole week's plan. And all that while not really feeling well.
Oh well.... :-(

BTW I hope you guys don't mind me keeping away from the break conditions
thread. Not enough brain capacity right now.

On 26.04.2005 11:05:05 Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> I'm now going to refine Simon's work [4] on borders a little bit further
> to handle different border widths for individual cells. Hopefully, I can
> finally start implementing the missing pieces after that.
> [4] 

Jeremias Maerki

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