Thanks for the pointers. I already got the Digital Typography book a few months ago-- I didn't know that Ch. 3 was also helpful for the *page* breaking. I'll look more at that chapter again.


Jeremias Maerki wrote:

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started filtering spam 2005-05-01 and is doing a poor job. Sorry if
I miss anything. For example, I didn't get Luca's first mail, only
Glen's answer.)

the branch uses Knuth's algorithms for both line and page breaking.
Thankfully, we even have a lot of code sharing between the two aspects.
Michael Plass who wrote that research paper was Knuth's student. His
work is also based on Knuth's work on line breaking. So far I haven't
been able to get a lot out of his paper, although he writes about
footnotes for example, which will eventually come in handy. I get the
impressions that, in certain areas, we're going farther than what was
described in the papers I could find.

So far the most helpful resource for understanding the whole story was
"Digital Typography" by Donald Knuth (chapter 3 only):

Plass' paper on the other side is the only paper that sheds some more light
on page breaking studd, but not much IMO. I've also found stuff that
criticized some of Plass' statements. Anyway, we have to find out
everything the hard way. :-)

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