I've attached the picture and an FO file I wrote today to mimic that

BTW, the pictures worked fine for me the whole day. They are all here:

Alternatively, if you log into cvs.apache.org you can cd into
/x1/home/jeremias/public_html/fop to get them.

On 03.05.2005 19:40:39 Andreas L. Delmelle wrote:
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> Hi,
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> BTW: Am I the only one who has trouble viewing the pictures on the wiki
> page? (It seems to be the only one with which I have problems. The other
> table-related pages show up nicely...)
> > That also means that it's making the whole border resolution a lot more
> > complicated. If you started with the upper left cell and tried to
> > determine the after border you can end up taking the after border
> > specification from the cell on the right side of the cell.
> Are you talking about what our current implementation *would* end up taking
> as after border, or what *should* be taken as after border according to the
> spec?

*should* :-(

> In the latter case, if you mean 'start/end', I'm game, but I don't see how
> the 'after' border of the first cell to the right of a given cell could
> influence the 'after' border of that cell... If the "border is determined,
> for each segment, at the cell level" that seems to mean a decision at the
> cell level between:
> - table
> - body (header / footer)
> - column
> - row
> - neighbouring cells
>     * start ~ border-end of first cell to the left
>     * end ~ border-start of first cell to the right
>     * before ~ border-after of first cell above
>     * after ~ border-before of first cell below
> - the cell itself
> for each of the border segments: start - before - end - after
> One optimistic note: all of the above options can't be an option at the same
> time for one and the same cell... and the decision between row borders and
> table borders, for instance, could already be resolved at row level, such
> that, when the borders are determined at cell level, the cell only needs to
> query the row, column and neighbouring cells (not reach back up to the body
> and table).

Got to think that through first. It might speed things up a little.

> > But before I turn everything upside-down again, can please someone
> > confirm that I was really wrong before and got it right now? Thanks a
> > lot.
> If I could only see the images...
> Cheers,
> Andreas

Jeremias Maerki

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