OK, I'll update the variable with a comment explaining its meaning.


Jeremias Maerki wrote:

Using the official terms is usually a good idea but in this instance I'd
leave it like it is. It's not just the break-before value. The value for
startOn can also come from a break-after property. It simply indicates
for a BlockSequence on what kind of page it should start after
normalizing where the value originally came from (break-after or
break-before). IMO using "break-before" here would actually be confusing
and startOn is more descriptive.

On 05.05.2005 06:00:56 Glen Mazza wrote:


The AbstractBreaker.BlockSequence has an "iStartOn" property, that from looking at PSLM, quite possibly just means the "break-before" trait. Are they synonyms? I would like us to use the official Rec term if at all possible.


   public class BlockSequence extends KnuthSequence {

       private int startOn;

public BlockSequence(int iStartOn) {
startOn = iStartOn;

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