In the PSLM we are saving unresolved idref's (e.g., the "internal-destination" of an fo:basic-link, where we have not yet determined the PV that it refers to) with both the PageViewport and the AreaTreeHandler:

public void addUnresolvedArea(String id, Resolvable res) {
  // add to the page viewport so it can serialize
  curPV.addUnresolvedIDRef(id, res);
  // add unresolved to tree
  areaTreeHandler.addUnresolvedIDRef(id, curPV);

I am wondering if it is actually necessary for us to store the idref's in the PV for this serialization purpose--I would like to remove this. All resolution, AFAICT, is done from the idrefs stored with the ATH. I don't think the idref's take any significant space--it would appear we could always keep this information "live" in ATH even if we were to off-load (and reload) pages to disk while processing.


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