On 10.05.2005 20:41:19 Simon Pepping wrote:
> My worry with the new approach is performance: We know that the
> algorithms require quite some computational steps, but we have no idea
> whether in the end performance on a large document will be acceptable
> or not. (Perhaps Luca has some experimental evidence from his own
> implementation?)

I still have some performance comparisons on my todo list as preparation
for the ApacheCon session. I can run the examples through the new code
to get an idea. That's a no-brainer with my API wrapper. I'll keep you

> Jeremias, what do you mean with complexity in certain areas? Tables
> only, or are there other complexities that you perceived as
> overwhelming?

No, it's mainly the complexity of the collapsed border model plus the
implications from row spanning and if you go further: handling
min/opt/max stuff which I dared to simply ignore. There are so many
possible interactions. Take the RowBorder2 example. It took me a whole
day to run on paper. And it's still not covering all the possible
cases. If you remove the column span in the header and do some nasty
stuff with the border withs you can create real mean examples. I intend
to write one when I'm in a better mood.

Jeremias Maerki

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