Footnotes should be working now.

At the moment the page breaking algorithm is quite "strict": it tries to
insert every footnote in the same page where their citation is (the last
footnote body could be split, and partially deferred to the next page).

The recommendation seems to suggest that it could defer one or more
*whole* footnotes, if there is not enough space in the page where their
citations are, even if this is not very usual to happen in books; anyway,
this could be fixed later.

Two annotations concerning the footnote separator:

- is it correct to assume that the footnote separator is the same on each
page containing footnotes, or it could have some page-dependant content?
At the moment, its areas are obtained only once, and repeated in each page
where a footnote is inserted.

- I had to add a new StaticContentLM constructor with a Block area
paremeter; maybe someone sees a better way to do this? The problem is that
"normal" StaticContentLM add their areas to a Region, while the SCLM
handling the footnote separator adds them to a block area (this is related
to the previous point); another difference, non depending on the current
implementation, is that the SCLM handling the footnote separator does not
perform any breaking algorithm: it is quite similar to a BlockLM.


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