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> On Tue, May 17, 2005 at 04:48:07PM +0200, Luca Furini wrote:
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> > The recommendation seems to suggest that it could defer one or more
> > *whole* footnotes, if there is not enough space in the page where their
> > citations are, even if this is not very usual to happen in books;
> > this could be fixed later.
> In linguistic or theological works you may see many and long footnotes.

Yeah, as an example: try reading some Postmodern Philosophy... Many pages
that are filled for 75% with footnotes offering comments/notes on the ideas
that appear on the other 25% (even pages containing nothing *but* footnotes,
continued from a previous page). I guess it's not as much fun to read as it
is to write layout code for handling those situations... :-)



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