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> I find it strange, Glen, that you dont care whether people use FOP or not.

I'm such a monster.

> You
> have worked hard on FOP over the last couple of years. Wouldnt you be
> disappointed if your work benefitted no one?
> Chris

My goals on FOP are to make XSL as open-source dominant as XSLT is, to make
paying $4-5K/server CPU as ridiculous for an XSL processor as it is
presently is for an XSLT one.  But such an architecture will take much time,
and Jeremias is welcome to release as often as he'd like--including today,
if he wants--while we get this long-term work hammered down.  But right now,
studying and learning layout is my goal.

Keep in mind, it is not just the immediate user base that matters--you also
need to please the larger corporations (IBM, Sun) and technical
organizations (W3C, OASIS and their member companies) for FOP to be
successful, and they're a little more thorough on architecture (cf. the
behavior of the Xerces and Xalan teams.)  You please the Big Boys,
everything else tends to fall in line, just as it has in the past with most
other Java/XML-based technologies.


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