Are you sure here?  We had two versions of addALetterSpaceTo() -- the
version in ILLM which takes a List (I didn't touch that one), and a old (?)
version from AbstractLayoutManager that takes a KnuthElement.  It is that
latter version that I removed--it wasn't being called anywhere--not the


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> Thanks for your optimization work, Glen.
> Just a note: the method addALetterSpaceTo() is defined in the interface
> InlineLevelLayoutManager and is still used.
> It is called by LineLM.collectInlineKnuthElements(), if the last element
> returned by a child LM and the first returned by the next child LM are
> both boxes.
> So, the CharacterLM and LeaderLM (extending LeafNodeLM, that implements
> InlineLevelLM) should really implement it.
> For example, if we have
>   <fo:block>a <fo:character character="w"/>ord</fo:block>
> we must tell the CharacterLM that the "w" is followed by a letter space,
> as it is not a whole word.
> Regards
>     Luca

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