Ok, but this assumes that you work in concert with AWT's font subsystem.
If we talk about the font subsystem for PDF and PS we have all liberties
we want. If we can give the FO processor a directory and it makes all
the fonts in this directory available for FO processing then I am where
I would like to be. Of course, there will be some additional topic such
as font substitution and embedding control, but if we can make the font
registration a no-brainer for at least 60% of the people we've
accomplished a lot. The Java2D/AWT renderer is a different story. There
we have to work with what we are given. I really wonder if Peter will
really stay with the 100% AWT approach till the end.

On 14.06.2005 16:16:09 Victor Mote wrote:
> Based on current constraints, I don't think automatic font registration is
> possible. In order to embed a font, you have to have access to the
> underlying file or at least its contents. Until Java gives us this in its
> own AWT system, you're going to have to get this information somewhere else.
> Peter West and I have discussed an interesting idea that I want to explore
> further, which is taking the external registration information and using it
> to create System (AWT) fonts -- but that still requires an external
> registration step.

Jeremias Maerki

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