Lalitha Prasad wrote:
Hi Pietschmann,
<font metrics-file="C:\Java\Tomcat-4.1\webapps\glaxo\arialuni.xml"
This must be a proper URL, not a file name.

       <font-triplet name="ArialUnicodeMS" style="normal" weight="normal"/>
       <font-triplet name="ArialUnicodeMS" style="normal" weight="bold"/>

I don't think putting more than a font triple inside a font is going to
work, at the very least your bold/italic would look like normal.
You'll probably have to get italic/bold versions of the font as well.
FOP can't generate italic or bold versions from a normal font.

But i am getting the following Exception:

exception typenull

Well, you ultimately caught a wrapper exception with no message. That's
bad both for your application and for tracking down the cause of the

What might be the reason?

I have no idea. Wrap a try/catch block around the FOP code and log
any exception you get.


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