Let's not even start discussing the intellectual property implications that are 
starting to surface...


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J.Pietschmann wrote:
> Vincent Hennebert wrote:
>> I was starting to wonder what I could have done wrong so that things
>> turn out that way.
> Just ignore the bickering for now. There seems to be a law that every
> Open Source project (or any other reasonably open project for that
> matter) sooner or later will get people with incompatible personalities,
> resulting in some mud slinging on mailing lists or worse. Notice the
> dismissal of one of the core BSD core developers last year, regular
> flame wars on the Linux Ethernet driver lists including heavy name
> calling and mutual allegations of incompetence, the fork of
> Geronimo off JBoss with associated ugliness and so on.
> No need for you to worry.

Let's not forget Linus v. President Tridgell, a dispute with somewhat
wider impact.

It's almost as bad as proprietary projects, but everything is on public
view, everyone gets to express an opinion, and the individuals have real
alternatives on how to proceed after disagreements.

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