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Hello Carson,

FOP 1.0 uses the bookmarks from the XSL 1.1 specification. There is, however, a fox:destination I believe available in 0.20.5 that has not (yet?) been ported over to 1.0. I did not have the time to get to it--but it needed research with the 1.1 spec: I wasn't sure why the 1.1 specification would not include it. (IIRC fox:destination inserts anchors with a given name--say "myanchorname"--in the PDF document, so within a browser one can say http://www.whatever.com/mydoc.pdf#myanchorname.)


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I have been experimenting with the CVS version of fop, in an attempt to
make some more sane figure caption behavior (below the figure, keep-with

I've had no problems checking out the root and building it with ant,
however when trying to build the document in question I get some errors
related to the fop outline extension:

Yep... if I'm not mistaken bookmarks were moved into the standard
FO-namespace (in anticipation of XSL-FO 1.1)

I'll have to do some digging to see how exactly they are currently
implemented. Glen Mazza, who took care of this, is currently taking a
break --dunno if he's still monitoring the list (?)

Stay tuned, I'll get back on this (unless someone beats me to it)



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