Victor Mote wrote:

Related to this is that I moved FOP from the controller-class (in use
1998-2004) to the pipeline approach[1] early last year, and still recommend that architecture. However, I suspect the font code will be expecting a controller-class architecture to work. Given that most committers have been comfortable

Why do you say this? An org.foray.font.Font is pretty similar in concept to
a java.awt.Font, except that it provides additional services. The FontServer
is needed to keep the various clients separate. (This is important for TTF
subsetting in multi-threaded environments). The whole system should work
fine AFAICT anywhere where java.awt.Font might be used. It should work
equally well with FOP's "pipeline" (pipes cemented with glue) or with
FOray's pipeline (the Unix-ish definition of a pipe with components that are
agnostic about the source of input or the use of output).

Sounds nice! Amazing how FOP always seems to manage to get the right talent at the right time.


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