Almost certainly not a FOP bug anyway if it works on other platforms. If
anything, it's a problem with your stylesheet, not a FOP problem. I've
seen that your stylesheet contains references to Java classes. Make sure
they are also properly accessible in the classpath and that you're using
the same XSLT processor version as on the other platforms. Maybe the
version on AIX doesn't support the kind of extensions you're using in
your stylesheet.

Try running the XSLT process on AIX on the command-line (create just the
FO file, without FOP) to get more hints about what's wrong.

On 29.06.2005 12:32:39 Samir Jyoti wrote:
> This is happening on AIX machine only. During XML/XSL based transformation
> into PDF.
> FOP version: 0.20.5
> OS: IBM Aix 5.3
> JAVA: version "1.4.2"
> during the following code:
> TraxInputHandler inputHandler =
>             new TraxInputHandler(new InputSource (xmlInputStream),
>                                  new InputSource(xslStream));
>             //do the XSLT
>   ;
>             byte[]  recv = pdfBytes.toByteArray();
>             if(recv!=null){
>              System.out.println(" BYTES CONVERTED: " + recv.length);
>             }
> The bytes returned are very less (around 800 KB as opposed to around 6000K
> on other OSs). It produces a blank document of one page. Its working fine on
> very other OS.
> I am attaching the XML and XSL with this e-mail.
> Is this a Bug?
> thanks,
> Samir

Jeremias Maerki

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