Hi all,

I've encountered a first little difficulty in adapting FOrayFont to Fop. In render.pdf.PDFRenderer.renderCharacter(Character) a switch is used to escape text differently whether the font is multibyte or not. The method used to know that is the Typeface.isMultiByte() method. There is no such method in aXSL Font but there is a getFontComplexity method that returns SIMPLE or COMPOSITE. I'm afraid I don't know anything about font formats. But I guess that Composite refers to CID fonts? In fact, where in Fop the isMultiByte() test is used, in FOray this is the getFontComplexity method. Apart from that code fragments are pretty much the same. It also appears that only CIDFont's isMultiByte method returns true. So can someone confirm that I can use getFontComplexity() wherever I find isMultiByte()?

I hope I was clear...

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