Vincent Hennebert wrote:

> again I would need a confirmation. I'm currently adapting 
> FOrayFont to the PDF renderer. In pdf.PDFFactory there is a 
> makeFontFile that builds an AbstractPDFStream containing the 
> font embedding. In the aXSL FreeStandingFont interface there 
> is a getPDFFontFileStream that appears to do that job.
> I'm tempted to directly use this method and not makeFontFile 
> anymore. But I wonder whether the two streams really 
> represent the same thing or not, and if there may be 
> differences in the two formats.

Yes, what you suggest should be right. IIRC, the output of the two does
represent the same thing. They may not be identical, especially for TTF
fonts, because of improvements made in FOray, but the general idea is that
getPDFFontFileStream() returns the content that should be placed in the PDF

Victor Mote

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