Hi Guanglei

Yes, that's is unfortunate, but I'm happy to see that you're still
interested. Given that you're not bound to the project proposal anymore
you can do whatever you like in Apache FOP. Of course, you can still
have a look at RTF output which needs some polishing. You can also look
at the tasks on the Wiki page:

There are many things that you can choose from. We'd appreciate if you
notified us when you've decided what to work on so we can avoid any
duplicate work. If you need help while coding, just send a mail to this
mailing list.

On 07.07.2005 02:31:27 guanglei song wrote:
> I was informed by google.com that the application for summer of code is 
> failed.
> Sorry to know and let me know what I need to do for the project, since I am 
> still interested in.

Jeremias Maerki

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