I've had a talk with the Forrest guys, especially David Crossley, and
they suggested trying ForrestBot locally to publish the website. It
essentially controls the checkout of the sources (optional, used mainly
for on-server operations), site build and deployment. The last step is
obviously the most interesting one. It makes the deployment a little
easier and less manual by handling the CVS/SVN commits automatically. I
think it is an improvement and it worked fine for me locally. There
might even be the option to let the Forrest Guys generate the site for
us automatically again. They are currently setting up the infrastructure
for that on a virtual server (zone).

If there are no objections I'm going to modify our documentation on
website deployment for the use of ForrestBot (comes with Forrest), set
it up for deployment to the XML Graphics subdomain and, when this works,
I'll create a set of redirection rules for the XML site so we can
finally migrate the site to the new place. Timeframe: probably next week.

Jeremias Maerki

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