I use svn, version 1.0.9 (r11378), as provided by Debian. If I
remember correctly, it said something like: Will not remove modified
file X, and then stopped updating. Perhaps different clients act
differently. I will get through it, one way or the other.

Regards, Simon

On Mon, Jul 25, 2005 at 05:09:35PM +0200, Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> I've just tried to simulate that scenario here. Here, my file with the
> local changes was left alone and now appears as if it were newly added.
> I could now merge it into the moved file. I wonder why it stopped
> updating on your machine (I've used SVN 1.2.1). Do you get an error
> message when the update stops?
> If normal updating and then merging doesn't work, I see no other way
> around doing it the hard way. :-( But then, I'm still not the total SVN
> expert.
> On 22.07.2005 20:55:36 Simon Pepping wrote:
> > I tried out how subversion update reacts to files that were moved in
> > the repository and were modified in the working copy. It does not seem
> > to be very helpful. It stopped updating until I had moved the changes
> > out of the way.
> > 
> > So how do I go about moving my changes? The hard way: create a diff,
> > revert the file, svn update and patch the moved file? Or is there an
> > easier way?
> Jeremias Maerki

Simon Pepping
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