Jeremias Maerki wrote:


I'd like to have your thoughts about the following proposal. MathML and
barcodes are frequently asked for and I would consider it a service to
our users if we provided support for both out-of-the-box without people
having to scratch together the little pieces to make this stuff work.
JEuclid is AL1.1 and Barcode4J is AL2.0 licensed. So no worries about
redistribution. I'd like to promote the MathML extension out of the
examples directory where it seems to be a little hidden. We still have
the "plan" extension as a good example for FOP extensions. But I
wouldn't really want to integrate the MathML extension sources into the
main source tree where it adds to the existing blob of code. I'd rather
make SVG support separate and therefore optional and put both (SVG and
MathML) alongside each other in a separate place next to the main
sources. FOP without Batik-dependency has also been asked for a few
times which we could get almost for free if we did this. Barcode4J 1.0
as my proposed barcode package (what a surprise!) has its own FOP
extension and would simply be added as a JAR file in the lib directory.
I could do the necessary changes while doing the whole XML Graphics
Commons stuff which I really really really want to do really really soon
now. :-)

I am in favour of seeing MathML and barcode support out of the box in FOP. Most people using XSL-FO for printed documents have a requirement to add Barcodes and there are a small number of people asking for Mathematic Formula representions. As you already mentioned it might be a good idea to move the JEuclid code into a sub project of Xml Graphics. Possibly the code that Siarhei Baidun is proposing to commit to Apache in another thread.


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