On 26.07.2005 17:22:28 The Web Maestro wrote:
> Before we actually move to make this release, I'd like to understand 
> the discrepancies between 0.20.5 and the proposed 0.9rc1 release of 
> TRUNK a bit better.

Yes, that's an important point.

> I was under the impression that the first TRUNK 
> release would be on parity with 0.20.5. I'm not *certain* that is 
> necessary, although it is certainly preferred. Jeremias mentioned 
> parity between the PDF, Postscript & Java2D renderers, and that's a 
> good goal.

I agree that it is preferred to have a 0.20.5 equivalent, but not so
much that it obstructs us from doing a perfectly usable release. I think
0.20.5 will still be around for a while. There's no easy way around that.

> The FOPProjectTasks Wiki[1] is a good place to start, but a comparison 
> chart similar to the FOP Compliance Page might be better. That way our 
> users can quickly identify how usable the TRUNK release is for them. In 
> fact, it might make sense to just update the FOP Compliance page with 
> this information, changing "support" to "0.20.5 support", and creating 
> an additional "0.9xx1 support" group of columns[3].

As I mentioned myself a couple of times the compliance page is extremely
important for us as an instrument to inform users of the status of the
development. That's also a point where non-developers can easily
contribute. :-)

Jeremias Maerki

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