While we are speaking of that, If I may give my opinion: I agree with Norman that using images to render maths isn't a good solution in the long-term. The fact that it is SVG improves the situation a bit because fonts will be rendered fine, but there are other problems to address: for example it is difficult to align the baseline of an inline-rendered equation with the text's baseline. It also is not possible to break an equation into multiple lines.

A native MathML renderer will be necessary to beat TeX in this area. I was thinking of writing one for Fop but I'm missing time and for now I'm in the font subsystem stuff.

The work referred by Siarhei Baidun may definitely be interesting.


Jeremias Maerki a écrit :
The MathML extension uses JEuclid to convert the MathML to SVG
internally so we get quite good quality. I don't think it is possible to
create XSL-FO code from MathML because you can't properly place all the
elements. Doing that with SVG is a lot better.

On 27.07.2005 10:54:45 Norman Markgraf wrote:

Sorry to interrupt you all. But I have so concerns using JEuclid for MathML.
I'm not sure if I have the permission to post here, but maybe you will
excuse my post if so.

I am not sure if using JEuclid is the right way to deal with MathML. As far
as I understand JEuclid transforms a MathML expression into an image. If
this is correct, than I would found this the wrong way in principle.
Wouldn't it be nicer if the MathML expression is converted into XSL:FO it
self? I am not very in this field, but as far as I understand MathML (pm)
this should be the way to go. Or do I completely misinterpret something?

Jeremias Maerki

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